The influence of the Great Britain on our daily life

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The British life is influence on our daily life, for example on sport, leisure time, food and meals, holidays and others things.


The British sport have affected on our sport. English and Russian people like sport.

Football has taken the origin in England. Football was played by the whole village teams in the middle ages in England. Now football is the most popular game not only in Britain, but also in our country.

Table tennis has come to us from Britain too. Englishmen heard about table tennis in 1880. Then the International Table Tennis Association was formed and the international rules were worked out.

Lawn tennis is English game too. Wimbledon is the centre of lawn tennis.

Some racing competitions were thought in Britain, which came from them to us. For example motor-car racing, boat racing, horse racing and others.

Leisure time:

Such hobby as fishing has come to us from Britain. About three million British people go sailing in small boats every year.

Gardening is English recreation too. Britain is famous for its gardens and most people like gardening. This is probably one reason why so many people prefer to live in houses rather than in flats.

The most popular things to do outside the home as for them are going out for a drive in the car, for a walk and for a meal.

Do-It-Yourself is the widespread hobby among Russian people, but it has come from Britain.

Food and meals:

For most of us as they, breakfast is o bowl of cereal followed by toast and marmalade with a cup of tea. Some people have cooked bacon and eggs.

Dinner may have two or three courses. First soup, then a main course with meat or fish and finally a desert.

Tea is the British national drink and our too. They and we like tea strong and fresh-made.

Hamburgers, sandwiches and hot food have come from them to us.


St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Every St. Valentine’s Day thousands of people travel to a small village on Scotland’s border with England to get married. The village is called Gretna Green. Its romantic reputation began in 1754.

Christmas Day is observed on the 25th of December. In Britain this day was a festival long before the conversion to Christianity. Though religion in Britain has been loosing ground Christmas is still the most widely celebrated festival.

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