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The following chart shows the only two letters that differ between the Bengali and Assamese scripts. Semivowels:

Sibliants & Aspirate:

This next chart shows the full vowel forms, they appear at the begining of words, or as the second vowel of diphthongs. Note: An "S" in parentheses indicates a South Indian vowel - they sound almost indentical to their Northern counterparts, but are shorter. The 'regular' E and O in the Southern scripts sound more drawn out. So, in Southern languages, "o(S)" sounds like 'Joe' and "o" sounds more like 'co-owner'.
Here are how consonants normally connect with vowels. For example purposes, the letter "k" is used in all languages.

Each script has a different way of creating consonants compounds, so be careful! These pages aren't for mastery in any of these scripts - but maybe to get a start learning one, or observing the similartites between scripts.

Consonants followed by an "h" show aspiration (extra air blown out), so do not pronounce "th" like 'the', or "ph" like 'phone'.

"V" is sometimes pronounced like 'w'

"C" is pronounced like 'chew' - so "ch" is like 'thatch-house'

"S'" is prnounced like 'shoe'

"S." is like 'sh' but I've heard it described as being more chesty than "S'"


Guttural - pronounced from the back of the throat

Palatal - pronounced with the tounge against the roof of the mouth

Retroflex - pronounced with the tounge curled back and then comng forward

Dental - pronounced with the tip of the tounge touching the back of the teeth - so the dental "t" and "d" are softer than English t's and ds

Labials - pronounced with the lips starting together

Sibilant - prodicing a sound like 's' or 'sh'

Aspirate - extra air exhaled - (commonly, differences are hard to tell between most unaspirated and aspirated consonants in speaking)

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