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Polenov Victor Dmitriyevich (1844 - 1927)

V.D. Polenov, a fine landscape painter, a scene painter and a teacher was closely connected with the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions. He desplayed his works at the travelling exhibitions for many years.

He studied at Petersburg University and at the same time attended academic classes and graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1872. A many-sided artist he was interested in historical and commonplace subjects, but landscapes were particularly important in his work, playing a major role in all his compositions. Polenov's services in the sphere of landscape-painting were considerable, he helped to develope a national landscape that was both rich in content and lyrical. His lyrical landscapes attract by their delicate play of light, feeling of air, their well-thought-out compositions.

He attached special significance to the depiction of light, colour and

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