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New York City isn’t the capital of USA and it isn’t the capital of New York State, but residents of the “Big Apple” considering their city the capital of the globe. It is because New York is the home of the United Nations and the largest investment market in the world.

When first immigrants came to this land, they bought Manhattan Island for $24 from local Indians. Then they founded there a first colony and now when people in New York talking about New Yorkers they usually talk about people, who live on Manhattan. New York has five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. The Bronx is famous for a zoo, which is situated there. Manhattan is the center of New York City. Near 1 million people live here, but over than 5 million come here to work from all parts of the city every day. The main street, Broadway, is also here. And there are a lot of other famous streets which known nationwide. Wall Street is famous for finance. Madison Avenue means advertising, and Fifth Avenue is famous for world-class shopping. There is a famous crossing Times Square. It famous for Theatre district, there are more than thirty theaters there, and every evening they play their plays. Central Park is also there. There you can see people walking their dogs, having a rest or playing games.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most famous art museum in New York. It has great collection from all over the world. It’s located in Central Park. There are a lot of famous neighborhoods on Manhattan. The Village is famous for some poets and writers, who wrote about it. SoHo is an enclave of artists. Harlem has a priceless musical heritage. And the China Town with its main street – Canal.

Most of New York’s skyscrapers are located on the island of Manhattan. There are such buildings as Art Deco Chrysler Building and there were twin towers of the World Trade Center.

One of the famous building in the world is the Statue of Liberty. It was built in 1886. It was a present from the people of France. About 12 million immigrants passed through New York when they came to America. When you come to New York by sea the first thing, which you will see it is the Statue of Liberty, America’s symbol of freedom!

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