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My Room

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Сергей Голубев

In our family apartment I have my own room. It is quite spacious and made in a modern style. The atmosphere is pretty relaxing; because these are calming green tones which prevail in my room. I think that it is furnished plainly and tastefully.

There is a built-in wardrobe with a mirror and a sofa that can be simply made into a bed, where I used to sleep. My workplace is my comfortable whirling arm-chair and a desk with a table lamp. For sure there is essential part of a student’s life – a personal computer placed on this desk. My home library is well arranged on several bookcases. I like music very much, so I have a powerful stereo system along with a TV-set in my room.

Everything is put into its place. In my opinion, I have made my place very nice and it’s really cozy to live there.

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