My attitude to sport

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I would like to tell about my attitude to sport. Sport is very important in our life. We meet it since the very first days of the life. When a mother puts her baby’s arms left and right it is the first step to physical training.

Then a child goes to a kindergarten and has lessons in physical training. Every child likes to play games. When you are faster and stronger than your friends you win. If you are a good sports lover you win often. So sport helps to breed up strong character.

Many children start to go in for sport at the age of 7, 8, 9. They like it very much. Later some of them become popular. So we can say that sport helps to achieve success in life. For example, Oxana Bayul from Dniepropetrovsk started to skate when she was three. When the girl was seven she won her first competition in figure skating. Now Oxana is only 17 but she is an Olympic championship and a very rich person. She worked hard and sport helps her to achieve success in life despite all difficulties in her young life.

Besides, now there are you young people who use cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs. If you go in for sport you will never do that and so you will be healthy.

Sport helps you to understand the life better. It helps to taste a sweet feeling of victory and teaches to lose with dignity; it helps to find new friends and teaches you to be a true friend. So sport is very important for every young person and it plays a great role in my life.

Besides – кроме того

Dignity – достоинство

to achieve - достигать

despite - не смотря на

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