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I.G. Goriacvhko, St. Petersburg, in March, 08.

Quantified body’s motions are realized in Universe in varity thermodynamical conditions (p, T) and accompanied by the variable also quantified electromagnetic and gravity fields forming the general ether. But these fields may be arisen only at the expense of changed their charges and masses. The harmony of Nature needs in the unity of its mathematical description as in mechanicsas in thermodynamics which practicable by the full differential‘s mathematical method (which successfully is used in thermodynamics). Because that the full system of the quantum mechanics laws must be described as it shown at the left side of table 1. Laws (a), (b) is obtained by means the next vectors equations: for the impulse , for the moment of impulse From the right side for comparing is given the full system of Newton's mechanics laws.

5. Quantum mechanics

Table 1

Quantum mechanics laws

Newton’s mechanics laws

, (a)

where =- the force by Newton. (N)

, (a’)

where=- the force by Newton(N).

, (b)

where - the moment of force. (M)


where - the moment of force. (M)



In Newton’s laws (a’), (b’) parameteris absent (i.e.). Because of that these laws are incorrectly as of physical as of mathematical standpoints. On the physical point of view all the parameters () for the circle () body’s motion – are constancy. Therefore, (i.e. the doubt). On the mathematical point of view these laws (excepting (N)) – are not the full differentials. But all the laws ( a),( b ),(c) –are the full differentials.

The explanation 3. The impulse Because of that must be describing , where – the integrating factor. Therefore,

The verification. Let us takes up the planet’s motion around the Sun. By means of (1) and Newton law (assume that the Sun immovable) we obtain Therefore, on the one side – the centripetal force. But on the other side the centrifugal force. Because this From (a), (b) for the two bodies interaction may be received as all the well known mechanic’s laws:, as the unknownquantum mechanic’s laws:If we obtain the Third Newton’s law and -(i.e. the well known equilibrium conditions of a body). And etc.

6. The quantum corpuscular-wave theory

It is considered that modern corpuscular-wave theory applicable to any types of particles (i.e., to the changed and neutral ones). By means of (1) and (B’) they may be obtained the adjusted (i.e. the quantum) laws of the corpuscular-wave theory (see the left side of the table 2. On the right side for comparing is given the ruling redaction of this theory).

Table 2

The quantum corpuscular- wave theory

The modern corpuscular- wave theory

The kinetic energy =


The potential energy


The equation

The equation

The impulse

The impulse

The full energy

The full energy ( !)

Here Plank’s constancy, the angular frequency, the wave date, the wavelength, the wave’s velocity, the particle’s mass, the unit vector. With regard to the parameter in all of these laws see P. 3.

It must be especially notes that all the laws of the tables 1 and 2 are carried up at a time. But the role of the major law belongs to the quantum law of conservation the full energy.

Thank you. To the next report in April, 12. G.I.G.

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