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Libraries play an important part in the cultural development of a country. People have a desire to learn, they seek knowledge. Books satisfy this desire.

We can find all kinds of books in the libraries: novels, biographies, fiction, short stories, books on traveling, technical books, books for children, magazines and so on. In some libraries we can find books in many foreign languages.

When a reader comes to a library for the first time he fills in his library card and the librarian helps him to choose something to read. The reader is allowed to borrow books for a certain number of days. The catalogues help the reader to find the books he needs. Reading rooms are open to all who wish to work there. Besides books we can get periodicals, newspaper files and magazines to read there. Readers come to reading- rooms to study and prepare material for the repOrts or for the scientific work. Sometimes libraries are called the treasure house of information because books enrich our experience with that of the other people.

I enjoy books of different genres: adventure and detective stories, science fiction and fantasies. I would like to tell you about my favorite book – Harry Potter.

It is one of the most amusing book I‘ve read during the last few years. I am sure that everybody agree with me that this is the most enjoyable, entertaining and fascinating book which is read with great interest by children and adults as well.

I think this novel is very popular among children because it consists of several parts. In each part HP, the main character of the novel, becomes older and older and the young reader is growing up with him reading the book chapter by chapter. In fact HP is the boy of our age.

This is the story of ordinary children having extraordinary adventures.

The life of the author has much in common with the life of her hero – It was not always easy. J.Rowling was born on the 31 of July 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England. This the same date of birthday as HP has.

After divorce she lived on a public assistance in a tiny Edinburgh flat with her infant daughter. Then she wrote first book named “HP and Philosopher’s stone” and it was HP that rescued her from poverty. The first book was the hit for both - children and adult readers.

The Scottish Art Council gave her a grant to finish the book. HP won the British Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year and many other prizes on both sides of the Atlantic. Book rights were sold to England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Russia and many other countries of Europe.

J.Rowling is the novelist whose science fiction fantasy HP series originally intended for young readers has crossed generational boundaries and has many adult

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