A Child

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Performed by the student of the group И-3-4 Moskalenko Anthony

1998 year.

A child is the charming creature. With such a palpitation and impatience we wait his appearance, love and deify him, with pride and veneration hear to sound of his voice. We tell our friends about his first exploits, successes and other warming soul little things. He is the sense of our life. We cannot imagine our being without him and therefore we guard him by day and by night. But who knows what vices can be grown up in this innocent soul. It’s possible him to be a great misfortune or even disaster. There are a lot of such examples.

No, I’m not talking about the children becoming criminals but about the “normal” children making life with them completely intolerable. They bother, disturb, shout, cry, run around you don’t giving even a minute for rest. Their curiosity and plays could cause the terrible consequences. For instance the bicycling of the young Demean Storn almost cause his “mother’s” death in the mystic movie “Omen”. He had a three-wheeled bicycle. She stayed on the chair near the parapet trying to do something with the lustre. Demean went out of his room and directed the bicycle to mother of him. He struck the chair and having flied over the parapet she fell down. Certainly Demean Storn was moved by the devil’s will but it should be noticed that such accident could take place in any family.

The electricity often attracts children. They like to shove fingers into the socket, to cut the wires, to shake the lustres, to twist the electrical lamps, etc. “Daddy, Show me how computer works”, - said the son shoving by screwdriver into the system block. “What have you done. It costs a small fortune”, - cried poor daddy looking at the black clouds of smoke rising above the system block. “He is just a child”, - explains mother her son’s behavior.

Everything starting by deodorants and finishing by the video’s remote control presents a danger in children’s hands. It seems for them that everything what they see is the toys and of course want to play. But the “toys” sometimes could be by no means harmless. For example, mentioned above deodorant can explode in the fire or just in the strong sun and cause the severe injures. By paper, by simple paper a child can cut his soft flesh and cause the hemorrhage. Because of that we have to protect them from theirs own curiosity.

Prevent a misfortune! That should be our device.

After all a Woman and a Child are only for which is worthy to live*.

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* This is my subjective opinion.

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