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My Last Day Off.

I would like to tell you about the weekend I spend with my friend Mike. I had a really good time. Usually when I have a day off I try to keep myself busy so I can get the most of my free time.

My friend came over to my place around noon. We decided to go outside for a while; the weather was nice and dry. We went to the schoolyard to play football. There were a lot of guys playing and we joined one of the teams. My team was winning from the beginning. There was a lot of people standing and watching the game: parents with little kids, older people. Everybody seemed to enjoy the day. After the game we were really hungry and I invited Mike to my house to have lunch. My mom is a really good cook and she is always trying new things. We had a new dish; I think it was pelmeni with chicken. No matter what it was, it was delicious.

After we ate, my friend and I decided to check out the new “hit-parade” of music on the Europa Plus web site. We were surprised to see “Roxette” almost at the top of the list. I know they have been around for a while and they are still very well known. We also checked out the latest music news. One of my favorite singers is touring around the world and his next stop will be in Moscow. I would really like to go.

Almost around 6 o’clock we sat down to watch a movie. It was “Perfect Murder” with Michael Douglas and Gwenith Paltrow. There was a lot of suspense in that movie. It’s about people being dishonest with each other and what makes them do terrible things to achieve their goals. I don’t think I would want to watch that movie on the big screen but for a home movie it was good.

My sister came home later. She brought a photo album with pictures where we all were at Marina’s birthday party last month. The pictures were funny, we laughed a lot.

It was time for Mike to go home. I walked him to the bus stop and came back home.

My friend and I always have great time together. I like spending my days off with him; he is a lot of fun.

I like weekends and days off a lot. I get to see my family and friends, read, watch TV and just enjoy myself. I like to have my days off planned with different kinds of activities that my fiends and I like.

My family.


There are four of us in the family: my father, my mother, my little sister and I. My name is XX and I am a student at XX.

My mother and father are both engineers, they met each other when they were students at the university of XX in Saint Petersburg.

My father is a smart and hardworking man. She is a Chief of his department; everybody respects and loves him at work. Despite of his late hours he always has time for my sister and me. He checks out our homework quite often, helps with math and physics, and gives us a good advice when we need it.

My mother is very loving and caring. She takes a very good care of everybody. We try to help her about the house as much as we can. My sister and I go food shopping very often; we also try to keep our rooms neat so she does not have to so much work. My mom is also very active in my school activities. Last year she organized a great New Year’s party for my class. She also helps a lot with field trips to museums and entertainment centers.

My sister is fourteen. She takes music classes. She plays beautifully. My mom says she is going to be a very famous musician. But I think my sister is more into science. She gets good grades at school and she reads a lot. She likes chemistry and biology, she often tells me interesting things she reads in her textbooks.

And finally me. I am XX years old. My hobbies are reading and computers. I do well in school and I am also on my soccer team in school. Practice takes a lot of time and will power, but I think it’s good for me because I know that it helps me to get ready for my future.

I love my family dearly. They are very nice people; we do a lot of things together. My mom is so energetic that she brings that energy to us. In summer we often drive to the lake for the picnic or go to the movies. Our favorite time of the day is dinnertime. We sit around the big table and talk about our day at work and school. It’s really nice to know that your family are your best friends.

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