Иностранный язык

101.What type of toys do the kids prefer nowadays?
102.There is Nothing LikeVisiting Narva
103.A holyday which went wrong
104.Review of Bill Gates’s book ”Business @ the Speed of Thought”
105.A new weapon shooting from behind a corner is invented in Israel
106.Leisure time
107.Keeping fit
108.Learning languages
109.Choosing the future profession
110.20-th century music styles
111.Reading books
112.About myself
113.Which languages are the hardest to learn?
116.Russian political system, history and culture
117.Andrei Sakharov
118.Outstanding people
119.Education and future profession
120.Culture of the youth
121.Tsar Saltan
123.The Cinema World
124.Вектор переривань та процедура обслуговування переривань
125.THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture
127.Russia's achievements
128.Problems of the youth
129.School years
130.Outstanding personalities
131.The United Kingdom of Great Britain
132.What is better watching sports or participating in sports?
133.Ways of exploring the world
134.Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia
135.Advantages and disadvantages of television
136.The Golden Fish
137.Wee Little Havroshechka
138.The Fire Bird
139.The Golden Hair Girl
140.The Scarlet Flower
141.The Frog Princess
142.Fenist The Bright Falcon
143.Ilya Murometz
144.Ресурсно - природний потенціал Китаю та його вплив на формування економіки Китаю
145.Розвиток та розміщення залізничного транспорту України
146.Leisure time
147.Sports and healthy lifestyle
148.Our country
149.The Future: A Must for Our World Community
150.Visiting Theatres
151.A bridge to understanding
152.The United States Of America
153.The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
154.Russian Federation (Russia)
155.Foreign languages are useful and needed
156.Music in our life
157.New Zealand
158.My hobby
159.I want to be a teacher
160.Christmas Day
161.Культура та побут населення України
162.Travelling by sea
163.“Proper education”
164.Yuri Gagarin (1934-68)
165.April Fool's Day
166.May Day
167.I like to travel
168.Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)
169.The 8th of March
170.St. Valentine's Day
171.The uniqueness of the British
172.Environmental protection
173.Introducing Yourself
175.New York
176.Problems of city and country life
177.Science in the 20th century
178.Books in Our Life
179.Discovery of the New World
180.Capitals of USA
182.Books in My Life
183.A Modern Invention I Can’t Live Without
184.Students Should Be Given More Choice As To What They Study
185.My Recent Trip
186.My Favorite Part of Town
187.John Grisham's book ”The Firm”
188.My Favorite Book
189.Talking about Estonia
190.My flat
191.Susie’s Problem Page
193.Net Culture
194.John F. Kennedy
195.The protection of the environment
196.Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland
197.Human rights
198.Museums and picture galleries
199.Билеты и ответы на них по Английскому языку на 2002 год
200.My School

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